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05.10.2012 17:57

External Images do not work

There's a bit of a problem with displaying pictures that are linked from external websites. It seems to add the site url to the image source which looks like this:

Image not found

It should read it as:

As for the pdf icon next to the image, I too would like this. Phoca PDF does this as seen here:


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12.12.2012 20:52

Re: External Images do not work

I just installed RootPDF and had the same issue. I found that there a few changes that need to be made to the joomlaroot/plugins/system/pdfcontent/pdfcontent.php file starting at about line 134 (I've made a few other comments and revisions so line number may be off a line or two). The changes are shown below

To fix remote images
change (if (!strstr($img['src'], $base))
to (if (!strstr($img['src'], $base) && !strstr($img['src'],'http://'))

To fix local images (i.e. to add the '/' between the base url and the image location)
change $img['src'] = $base . $img['src'];
to $img['src'] = $base . '/' . $img['src'];

Not sure which of the following did it but one of these fixed a similar problem with links to external sites.
change if (!strstr($a['href'], $base))
to if (!strstr($a['href'], $base) && !strstr($a['href'],'http://'))

change if ($link['rel'] == 'stylesheet' && !strstr($link['href'], $base))
to if ($link['rel'] == 'stylesheet' && !strstr($link['href'], $base) && !strstr($link['href'],'http://'))

Edited by ReeseYontz - 12.12.2012 20:56